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Structural Roof Glazing System

Low profile glazed frames fitting down onto standard builder’s kerbs with concealed fixings to form a flat glazed roof. The frames are fitted onto the kerb and bedded down onto 2 runs of butyl bead then the glass is glazed into the frame onto 2 layers of 3mm VHB Acrylic Foam tape. Once fully bedded onto the tape the perimeter of the glass is silicone pointed to the powder coated aluminium framework with Structural Black or Clear silicone.

The aluminium framework incorporates a polyamide thermal break to reduce passage of cold air through the frame causing possible condensation problems. The rooflights can be extended into continuous runs of glazing up to a 1metre centres which are linked together with various sized alum angles (to suit particular spans up to 1.7m) All double glazed units come with either Pilkington Activ, Solaglas Bioclean or Ritec Clearshield as standard to the outer pane, thus reducing ponding of water and assisting the cleaning and maintenance regime of the building.

Safety glass is used to both panes as standard and depending on the application, unit thicknesses can be achieved up to 43.5mm which can incorporate walk on specifications. The aluminium framework can be polyester powder coated to any standard RAL colour and is only visible from the outside giving internal designers freedom to build on the natural day lighting that is entering the living space below. The APSG range is available as square circular shaped and triangular can be flat (we recommend a pitch of 3 degrees to guarantee water run off) and up to a pitch of 70 degrees from the horizontal.

There are no standard sizes however most one off rooflights can be manufactured and delivered in 2 weeks on a supply only basis. We also have an openable version in our APV range and details can be supplied on request.

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