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Roof Glazing

Patent glazing was the pioneer of drained and ventilated glazing. Introduced over 100 years ago its major advantage being its opportunity to provide the customer with the unobstructed admission of natural light into a building. This together with its lightness, ease of maintenance and cost effectiveness has made patent glazing the universal choice for sloping glazing or roof glazing.

Development over the years has resulted in a product of simplicity and proven reliability. The reliability of patent glazing is a fundamental feature determined by its method of construction that follows well established design principles. Its natural drainage characteristics provide a long working life that is virtually maintenance free and the frameless construction avoids the need for sealed corners, the major weakness in framed glazing systems
With the ever increasing need for energy conservation and constant changes to building regulations, patent glazing principles are constantly being challenged. We at Architectural Products Ltd are committed to maintaining those principles by providing our customers with a choice that patent glazing is able to give without compromising the building integrity and by maintaining quality and reliability.

We have developed an extensive range of patent glazing systems for sloping roof and vertical installations. The range features both traditional and inverted bar styles with box options offering in line or tiered constructions. All the systems are manufactured to BS5516 and can easily incorporate opening ventilators.

Our rooflights have been tested for large body impact test based on BS1873:2005 on a glazed roof assembly. Click here to see the test and for more information.